Matt’s 1st CBF General Assembly

We made it back from Memphis tired, but in good spirits. The CBF meeting came on the heels of our vacation to Chattanooga and north Georgia to visit friends and look at former stooping grounds. I’ll probably talk more about my take on the meeting, but for now wanted to show that even Matt got into the act.

The folks who organized, planned, and carried out the Children’s Assembly deserve special praise. I understand there were about 90 babies, preschoolers, and elementary age children who were involved while their parents were attending their own workshops and sessions. Our little ones received personal attention, instruction, and care and I am extremely grateful.

My only comment would be that the inflatable jump might make a good adult breakout session.



One thought on “Matt’s 1st CBF General Assembly

  1. That is my granddaughter Erin at the right (half of her is in the picture). You might drop a note to Philip Moody to express appreciation for his leadeship of the Childrens Assembly

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