A recent Associated Press article indicated that the largest Protestant denomination is losing members. Actually, this is not something I’m particularly glad to mention. It’s just that I am sick and tired of hearing the SBC condemning “moderate” churches for being unevangelistic. Now that these liberal churches have been either removed or exiled, you would think that their statistics would look better. The next time I hear this kind of criticism, this article will come to my mind.

We’ve ALL got work to do, Baptists of all stripes. So, it’s not that I’m happy about these numbers but rather than it reveals a challenge that we all face. The issue isn’t about who claims to believe the Bible more than the other. If it were, the SBC’s conservative resurgence would have resulted in the increased attendance and more baptisms. SBC President Frank Page blames the decline partly on a perception that its followers are “mean spirited, hurtful, and angry.”

How could anyone get that idea?

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