Life around the Lord’s Table

We observed the Lord’s Supper this morning. This is something we do every other month at our church. These meaningful moments are important as we remember the Lord’s sacrificial death and the cost of our forgiveness. It’s an event that brings our people closer to Christ and to one another.

I have a good view of our people during this event. Some folks respond to the solemnitiy of the ordinance in different ways. I’ve noticed some people with their heads bowed as they hold the wafer or cup. Others look up and around. It’s usually pretty quiet, except for the music coming from our organist and pianist. These two do a wonderful job in establishing the appropriate mood. We are prayerful, thankful, and for these precious minutes are still before our Heavenly Father.

One added benefit to being the pastor is seeing my daughter experience the Lord’s Supper. At 10 years of age, she has a unique perspective on what is going on. On the way home today Lori asked her what she thought and Cally said something about the wafer being sticky. It reminded of what one of our older members said when he asked if we could offer bigger portions. Oh well, there’s room for levity in church work or we’re all in trouble.

Seeing the faces of our members as they take the elements is moving. There are people who are struggling with cancer, have family problems, and recently lost their jobs. They come for encouragement and want to know if there is any hope for what is facing them this week. What comes to mind most each time we celebrate the Lord’s Supper is that we are a family of faith. We laugh, cry, and rejoice together.

The Lord said to “Do this is remembrance of me” and our time around the Table reemphasizes our need for Christ and for one another. It’s difficult to eat with people you don’t like or whom you know don’t like you. So, sharing this “meal” brings into focus that at the heart of all we do is Jesus Christ. It’s a great challenge to lead God’s people, as we all have different opinions about what should be done and when. What I gain from worship times like today is that we’re going to have those differences but can still love another and be kind to another. The non-verbal message in sharing the bread and cup, passing the plate down the pew, and being still before God is very effective. May the wonder of it never grow old or routine.


One thought on “Life around the Lord’s Table

  1. I forgot to share Cally’s first response to the new wafers. She said, “That was kinda nasty. Oh, well, I guess it’s worth it.” That put things in perspective for me.

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