Building Bridges in Memphis

To use a CBF phrase, “it’s time” to start planning for the CBF General Assembly to held in Memphis, TN this upcoming summer. I’ve already made hotel reservations and am looking forward to reconnecting with the larger Fellowship family in 2008.

It was quite an effort to get to Washington D.C. last summer, especially since my family and I were navigating a relocation to Missouri about that time. The presence of the ABC Biennial Convention alongside the CBF Assembly provided a unique opportunity to get a taste of both organizations.
This time, this trip will be a lot shorter and the attendance should be better due to its location in closer to most CBF churches. I believe that the Fellowship, like any teenager, is going through growing pains in determining its identity and direction. There is the ongoing discussion about whether the CBF will become a denomination at some point, but I really don’t see that as an urgent decision. The Fellowship began as a movement of the Spirit, and should continue in that manner. It’s a faith journey, an exciting and hopeful one. I expect that the meeting will truly be a time to celebrate our unity in Christ and build bridges of missions and ministry.

4 thoughts on “Building Bridges in Memphis

  1. Nice picture. That’s the I-40 Memphis bridge heading out of town. You are actually seeing Arkansas. Good choice, I’d say.

  2. There is always a trade off when a movement becomes an institution. And institution is much better organized and can probably include more people. But an institution always loses a good bit of the fresh wind of the original movement. Back when the denomination “split” I hoped that there would be another denomination. Are there already enough denominations in God’s kingdom. Will one more make that much difference? Maybe the CBF serves the kingdom better the way it is.

  3. I don’t think we need another denomination. We might get one anyway, but maintaining the institution at some point becomes the controlling emphasis rather than promoting the vision.

    I am a product of institutions, and there can be some good to come out of them. But, ensuring their existence can become the most important thing.

    I’m not certain what the long term future of CBF might be. It’s possible it could give way to another movement. That’s part of the process.

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