Ok, so this isn’t about Baptist life or the church in general. But it does happen on Sundays, and these folks are called Saints, so perhaps it isn’t too much of a stretch to talk about football.

After an 0-4 start, New Orleans has turned things around and are on a four game winning streak. It’s hard to imagine, but they haven’t lost a game in a month. Looks like the playoff talk is alive and well.

I really enjoyed the ride last year, and am looking forward to an exciting finish this year. I don’t get to watch them much since we live in MO, but with them playing the Rams this weekend that should change at least this Sunday. St. Louis is winless thus far. Let’s keep their streak alive for another week.

Mentioning New Orleans and the NFC Championship game in the same sentence means the Saints have come a LONG way. I remember when fans put bags over their heads in disgrace. Those days appear to be over, and it’s a new day in the Crescent City.

It’s incredible how the Saints have energized the city and the entire region. Katrina dealt a devastating blow to the Gulf Coast, and folks have been looking for something to give them hope. A sports team can do that, and a brief period of time each weekend everyone can put their woes on the shelf and cheer for Saints. I’ll be one of them.