It has been an extremely hectic but productive two months in Springfield. Each day feels more and more like home, and this quite a development for someone who had never even visited the Show Me State prior to a few months ago. I’m grateful for the change of scenery and the opportunity to be a part of what the Lord is doing is Missouri.

I’m very excited that our church has extended a call to Cory Goode as Associate Pastor. He will be working with our youth and college primarily, and the entire congregation as well with pastoral duties. It will be good to resume our working relationship and bring our families together again. I believe this marks a new day for our church and hopefully the remaining pieces of the ministry puzzle are coming into view.

This is a good time to pull out of town for a while. We’ve had our vacation week planned and didn’t know it would coincide with such a great event today, but so much the better. My family and I are headed down to her folks house to get them reacquainted with grandchildren. It should be a good week, although this time the trip will be somewhat longer coming and going. We’ll be getting this trip in before school starts and the fall routine kicks in.

Here’s an interesting question that Corrie Ten Boom once asked: “Is prayer your steering wheel or spare tire?” As I slip behind the wheel of our van, this thought will be on my mind. Looking forward to going, and also the returning.